About us

Our story

The story of the Loistopaljut started at Christmas in 2021. Tommi rented a hot tub for his family for the evening and wondered what it would be like to own one himself. Coincidentally, Lauri also was wondering the same thing, and  the topic came up at a dinner party the two were attending. It was that evening that the first steps were taken to make that dream a reality. The idea was to create a hot tub that even we would find enjoyable for personal use. 

Entrepreneurship has always interested both of us and we believe it’s a great opportunity to develop new skills. We have already learned a lot of new things in setting up the company and we will certainly continue to do so. We wanted to create a quality product that would help us make our customers’ evenings more memorable.

Lauri, Loistopaljut

Our values


We are a family business from Kuusamo and our products are 100% local.

Customer oriented

We listen to our customers to understand what is important to them, and develop our business accordingly.


What is promised is delivered.

Our mission is to provide our customers with memorable bathing experiences. At Loistopaljut, we want to help you take your evening to the next level.