Frequently asked questions

How do I rent a hot tub?

You can make a rental using the form on the website, by e-mail or by phone.

How long does it take to heat the hot tub?

Depending on the outdoor temperature, it takes about 3 hours to heat up. When the temperature of the hot tub exceeds 30 degrees, then add small amounts of wood to avoid overheating the hot tub. The pleasant temperature in the hot tub is 37-40 degrees Celsius.

How does the transport/pick-up work?

When booking, please let us know if you would like to pick up the hot tub yourself or have it delivered to your preferred destination. Once you have made your reservation, we will send you the details of where you can pick up the hot tub. Transport costs 0.8e/km.

When can I pick up the hot tub?

Hot tub pick-up is at 15:00 on the day the reservation starts, unless otherwise agreed.

When should the deal be returned after the rental period?

The hot tub must be returned by 12 am, unless otherwise agreed.

How many people can you fit in the hot tub?

There is room for 6-8 people at a time.

How much water does it take to fill hot tub?

It takes about 1500 litres of water to fill the hot tub.

Do you need a driving licence to drive a portable hot tub?

You can drive the trailer with a category B driving licence. A valid driving licence is required to drive the trailer.